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⚫⚊⚊ Who We Are... ⚊⚊⚫


Ashokrao Mane Group of Institutions is one of the ‘Rural-semi Urban-society centered and focused educational institute’s group. When Ashokrao Mane dreamt of education, Shri Balasaheb Mane Shikshan Prasarak Mandal took its birth, with a holy intension bridging the gap between ‘literate & illiterate’. Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s founder President Ashokrao Mane believed that, it is need of rural India to establish different educational Institutes. Accordingly, near about 30 various educational institutes are established for quenching the thirst of knowledge oriented people. The educational campus is located at Vatar Turf Peth Vadgaon; Tal-Hatkanangale; Dist-Kolhapur. The campus is spreaded across 20 acres of lush greenery with well planed infrastructure.

⚫⚊⚊ About AMGOI ⚊⚊⚫


Ashokrao Mane Group of Institutions (Integrated Campus) was started in 2009 to promote Technical Education and Management studies in this part of Maharashtra State. The Integrated Campus is situated beside the Poona- Bangalore national highway (NH 4), near Kolhapur, at Vathar Turf Vadgaon, which is well connected by all modes of transport. The Integrated Campus is spread over an area of 20 acres in a serene and refreshing atmosphere surrounded by greenery. The Integrated Campus is comprised of Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Management.

⚫⚊⚊ Vision ⚊⚊⚫

To become a globally renowned institute of excellence in technology and management education for rural community
To achieve excellence in technical and management education through effective teaching learning process

⚫⚊⚊ Mission ⚊⚊⚫

» To inculcate research annd development culture

» To develop professional having values of ethics, lifelong learning,
teamwork and social responsibility

» To enhance industry-institute interaction

» To empower the rural community

» To implement outcome based education (OBE)

⚫⚊⚊ Our Inspiration ⚊⚊⚫


Late Shri Ashokrao Mane
1954 - 2006

When Sri Ashokrao Mane dreamt of education, Shri Balsaheb Mane Shikshan Prasarak Mandal took its birth with the holy intention of upbringing the illiterate Mass in the rural part of south western Maharashtra. Shikshan Mandal is quenching the thirst of knowledge oriented people by establishing various Education Institutions. Hon. President Shri. Vijaysinh A. Mane and Hon. Executive President Shri.Vikasrao A. Mane and members of the board of Society are making significant contribution in opening up new doors and chartering new paths for the development of technical education and making all efforts to build an academic atmosphere in the institution and provide quality education.

⚫⚊⚊ President Desk ⚊⚊⚫


"I am very glad to interact with you through our website. Ashokrao Mane Group of Institutions, fondly known as AMGOI, is the group of distinguished institutions, established under Shri. Balasaheb Mane Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s roof. My father – Founder President of Shri. Balasaheb Mane Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Late Shri Ashokrao Mane, ‘sow’ the ‘seed’ of education in rural soil. Then only I can say proudly, we are serving to rural society through near about 30 various educational Institutions. From the very beginning, I paid special attention on quality education. Because, I believe that only quality education can create & build ability in our students to expose real-time situation in current charging scenario. I am sure that after entering into AMGOI, you will enjoy & appreciate our campus which is spread across 14 acres of lush greenery with well planned infrastructure. Our disciplined students well qualified and devoted teaching faculties & non teaching staff is again our plus point. No doubt, our students of Diploma and Degree Engineering will become the best artisans, technicians, innovators and pillars of India. Our MBA students will be tomorrow’s professional Managers, who can fasten the progress of the nation towards the more prosperous, just humane society. Our Diploma, Degree & M.B.A. courses aims at preparing high quality technical and management scholars respectively, to meet the need of ‘Global India’. At the same time, we are binding to provide state of art facilities to our pupils which will ultimately lead to the creation of a tomorrow’s knowledge society. My Best Wishes to all of you."

Hon. Shri Vijaysinh Mane

⚫⚊⚊ Executive President Desk ⚊⚊⚫


“Growth of a nation, in the ultimate analysis, depends on the quality and strength of national character. National character again, by and large, is the summation of individual character of its people. Education, no doubt, may help build career or wealth.But in a developing country like India, proper development of character through value based education of students is a major responsibility of the institution. Keeping the great statement of Swami Vivekananda in view - 'Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man' - at Balasaheb Mane Shikshan Prasarak Mandal the faculty is at work to impart man-making education among its students. Education that will help build national character among its citizens - the most important service to our mother land. “ Shri Vikasrao Mane Executive President

Hon. Shri Vikasrao Mane
Executive President

⚫⚊⚊ Director Desk ⚊⚊⚫


What precisely, should be the benchmark to be followed by a new born Engineering /Management College aspiring to attain global standards by way of fast track growth ? The answer, under the given circumstances, is to go on adding as much value as possible to its students through synergic balance of curricular and co-curricular activities in full steam by its committed faculty supported by an enlightened and forward looking college management. I am proud to say that the entire team is on absolutely right track with a tremendous effort towards adding value to whatever quality students it has obtained via standard procedure . Another pertinent point, I would like to touch upon that the college is making silent but steady preparations to face the formidable challenge of National Board of Accreditation (NBA). Any college wining the accreditation of NBA, an independent body promoted by the AICTE and the Govt. of India, will attain the global standard as well as global recognisation The college is pursuing very seriously, a scheme for vertical integration by way of opening M.Tech./ME etc., which every one knows, is highly beneficial also for the enrichment of U.G. programmes. In the process, attaining the ‘Deemed University’ status should not be a distant dream. I am confident, the dedicated faculty, disciplined staff, hard working students and the enlightened management of Institution are progressing, inch by inch, in the right direction to build an academic institution of great social impact. Let us all work hard today to enjoy the fruits of a prosperous tomorrow.

Dr. D. N. Mudgal

⚫⚊⚊ Registrar Desk ⚊⚊⚫


Mr. Rahul B. Bodake

I am proud to say that our institute is solely working for creating the engineering leaders who will enable India to become powerful country in 2020 and take her to an international level. Of course behind every success of AMGOI, there are constant blessing of Hon’ble Late Shri. Ashokrao Mane Saheb, the guidance & motivation of the President Hon’ble Shri. Vijaysinh Mane, Executive President Hon’ble Shri. Vikasrao Mane as well as the great efforts of dynamic & versatile personality of the Exe. Director Hon’ble Shri. D. N. Mudgal. By understanding the importance of knowledge, our Institute has always given the preference to the overall development of the students as it is the only ornament of the human being. I strongly mention that, an attempt is always being made to provide requisite services to the entire needy departments, sections and also to serve the students better as per there requirements. We will also try our best efforts with positive attitude, because we trust “A Positive Attitude Is A Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference”

⚫⚊⚊ Board of Director ⚊⚊⚫

S.N Name Designation Address
1 Shri. Vijaysinh Ashokrao Mane President A/P. Ambap, Tal. Hatkanangale, Dist. Kolhapur
2 Shri. Anandrao Buvaso Patil Vice- President A/P. Manpadale, Tal. Hatkanangale, Dist. Kolhapur
3 Shri. Vikasrao Ashokrao Mane Executive President A/P. Ambap, Tal. Hatkanangale, Dist. Kolhapur
4 Shri. Pandurang Govind Mane Secretary A/P. Ambap, Tal. Hatkanangale, Dist. Kolhapur
5 Shri Balasaheb Ganpati Ghotane Director A/P. Peth Vadgaon, Tal. Hatkanangale, Dist. Kolhapur
6 Shri. Vishvas Tukaram Suryavanshi Director A/P. Nilewadi, Tal. Hatkanangale, Dist. Kolhapur
7 Smt. Vatsala Ashokrao Mane Director A/P. Nilewadi, Tal. Hatkanangale, Dist. Kolhapur
8 Shri. Babasaheb Shamrao Mulik Director A/P. Nilewadi, Tal. Hatkanangale, Dist. Kolhapur
9 Shri. Shivaji Sarjerao Mane Director A/P. Nilewadi, Tal. Hatkanangale, Dist. Kolhapur
10 Shri. Pandurang Dnyanu Shelake Director A/P. Nilewadi, Tal. Hatkanangale, Dist. Kolhapur
11 Shri. Shivram Hari Barvade Director A/P. Shigaon, Tal. Walwa, Dist. Sangli
12 Shri. Sakhararm Narayan Lugade Director A/P. Kasarwadi, Tal. Hatkanangale, Dist. Kolhapur
13 Dr. D. N. Mudgal Executive Director A/P. Kodili, Tal. Panhala, Dist. Kolhapur

⚫⚊⚊ List of RTI Officers AMGOI ⚊⚊⚫

S.N Name of officer Designation Contact No. E-Mail
1 Dr. Dipak N.Mudgal
(Executive Director)
App. Officer 9923259000 exedirector@amgoi.org
2 Dr.K.Ravi (Director) Information officer 9448758200 director@amgoi.org
3 Mr. Rahul B. Bodake(Registrar) Asst. Information officer 9158992027 rbbodake@gmail.com